Session Descriptions


We will begin to connect via talking & setting the foundation, context & intention for our session, creating a safe & sacred container... then move into the experiential portion & practice.

Massage (receiving only, non-interactive) - here you will have an opportunity to deepen & surrender into your pleasure~bliss body & connect with your deepest, innermost, e-sensual, divine, authentic, juicy, ecstatic self!... while experiencing the most pleasurable, loving, nurturing, healing, full-body touch massage & connection. This may or may not include lingam/yoni, sacred-spot/g-spot &/or prostate massage... as well as ejaculatory control/choice, full-body energy orgasm, expanded orgasm & multi-orgasmic response (MOR) techniques. This session is ALL ABOUT YOU... allowing yourself to SURRENDER & RECEIVE, as well as, how to access, expand & experience full-body ENERGY ECSTASY!

This Ritual is also known as ‘God Worship for Men’ & ‘Goddess Worship for Women,’ or ‘Sensual-Sexual Awakening & Healing for Men/Women,’ & is  combined with my signature Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork™ modality.

Goddess Worship (may include body-to-body contact/massage &/or learning to give, giving & receiving *MASSAGE ONLY!) - you cannot give away what you have yet to learn how to experience in your own body... that is why Goddess Worship is *by permission ~ invitation only! once you have RECEIVED from me & I feel comfortable with this progression for you, I will let you know verbally that I am open to receive from & teach you. In this session, we always begin with honoring/massaging/giving to YOU first, to experience the techniques & bring you into a more relaxed, tantric & expanded state. Then I will GUIDE YOU how to practice these techniques on me or your partner. This may or may not include yoni &/or female sacred spot massage & *is always based on any declared boundaries, chemistry, comfort & skill level. 2 hours minimum, preferably 3 or 4 hours for a deeper experience.

Couples Sessions - may include coaching, counseling, deepening intimacy exercises &/or tantric touch & massage rituals (as described above) for either one or both partners. Tantric massage - while I demonstrate on one, the other partner watches &/or also participates (4-handed touch-massage) to learn & practice tantric techniques. *Recommended time for couples is a minimum 2 hour session for deep focus on 1 partner, and a minimum 3, or preferably 4 hours, for both to have a more thorough experience.

I consider it a great honor & privilege to be your tantric muse & guide

and facilitate a session for you &/or your beloved!

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Deposit, Cancellation & Refund Policy:

A minimum $100-$250pp non-refundable deposit may be required to book an appointment.

If you cancel within 24-48 hours of your appointment, your deposit is forfeited.

No refunds are issued after services have been received.

*Rates are non-negotiable.

*Not an escort *Not full-service *Massage ONLY guaranteed

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