What is Tantra?


for me...

TANTRA is a word that means "sacred” or “spiritual sexuality” & is about learning to become conscious of & how to work with (control & direct) the sexual~creative life-force energy for greater & extended arousal, pleasure, health, intimacy, ecstasy, connection & fulfillment in our bodies, relationships & lives!... getting the most juice out of life!

It is a path, lifestyle & daily spiritual practice... of awakening & expansion, enlightenment & empowerment, embodiment & attunement (at-one-ment)... surrender, communion & divine union... of full self-expression! ~ that recognizes, honors & celebrates our divinity ~ divine nature, essence, presence ~ as Gods & Goddesses in the flesh!

It is grounded in the paradigm that we are energetic, multi-dimensional beings & co-creators with the divine ~ universal, natural, spiritual laws & truths ~ here to awaken, expand & enjoy ALL the senses & pleasures this life & body can give, AND co-create the life & relationships of our dreams!

It is a continuous & ever-expanding journey of self-discovery... blending our sensuality, sexuality & spirituality, while empowering each individual to become more & more of their highest potential... as God & Goddess in the flesh... which is pure & divine LOVE & LIGHT!

As God & Goddess in the Flesh!

We Dance the Sacred Dance of Bliss

And Spread our Love & Light Divine

Throughout the Universe & to All Mankind

We are Perfect (Pure) Light

We are Perfect (Pure) Love

We are Perfect (Pure) Peace

This Sacred Union is a Gift

This Sacred Union is a Blessing

And for this We are Grateful!

We are God & Goddess in the Flesh

God & Goddess in the Flesh!


        ~ Your Miami Tantra Goddess

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